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Private Banking

Private banking refers to the provision of banking, investment, and other financial services by banks and financial services companies, usually to high-net-worth people with high levels of income or significant assets.

Rural Commercial Bank of Kunshan Private banking makes use of Kunshan Rural Commercial Bank's might, extensive history, dependability, and tradition.

We offer service that is individualized and specialized to meet the demands of our clients since we understand that one size does not fit all. We are able to give each local market in-depth knowledge while also leveraging our awareness of the value of global linkages and bringing them to life for our clients as we continue to expand our global network of Kunshan Rural Commercial Bank branches.

Investment Services

You are unique in your investments. As a result, we offer customized investment options that take your entire situation into account.

Banking & Credit Services

Our Private Banking Division offers a wide variety of flexible, customized banking services.

Lifestyle Banking

Our concierge services are supported by VISA International, giving you access to top-notch privileges worldwide.

Asset Management

Our Private Banking Division offers guidance on purchasing or renting prestigious real estate throughout the Americas, Asia, and Europe.

Wealth Solutions

Our Wealth Management solutions involve managing and securing your wealth in accordance with agreed mandates.